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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Hanishree Vichare



Hanishree Vichare


Falling for My Past

Falling for My Past

1 min

As I’m sitting reuniting my memories, my mind wants those back…

Recalling them I feel Good,

For no reasons, no intentions;

No people, no attractions;

Untaken roads, Hidden happiness;

From mistakes to moments…

Those stories can’t be explained,

That’s the reason why sometimes they keep me awake…

Those whispers, those voices echoes…

I can’t say but I feel the best of me…

It makes me cry by giving me pleasant goosebumps…

Dark fades giving me the brightest memory,

I’m so in love with…

So, stay by me, up inside…

I’m Thankful to Time,

For showing pleasure in pain,

And even to those people,

Who were part of my past…

Who are still with me, ILY.

Those smiles, those tears;

Those failures, those achievements;

Those things I still remember,

When it was my worse,

You helped me,

Even though today you aren’t connected to me,

I’m still grateful to you…

The water pours, that things were bad because they couldn’t be good…

And sky tells me, that things were bad because today they make you so good.

Quite lonely those starry lights,

Just take me where you left me,

Cuz I’m falling for my past…

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