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Abstract Drama



Abstract Drama

Down The Memory Lane

Down The Memory Lane

2 mins 290 2 mins 290

Sometimes I long for the feelings I no longer remember 

My memories are like photographs put in motion

The visuals still intact

But no pain, no joy, no fear, no rush

There are no words

Just deafening silence

I can't remember how it felt when I first fell in love

Or when I first fell off the swing

I can't remember how it felt when a puppy bit me for the first time

I ran and I was scared

But I can't remember that fear

I surely have cried over boys alot

And now I can't imagine why

Because my heart doesn't feel to have ever been broken

It's there ...full of blood

But I still remember the scents that my memories hold

Like when I think about my school days

And the different flower trees that lined up on my way to the bus stop

I can smell that sweetness of the morning breeze

Even right now


I can smell the uneasiness of summer days

And the freshness of winter mornings

I have always loved the fragrance of the sunset air

Calmly fading 

I remember the aroma that filled the restaurant on my first date

And how the evening scent was when I first lost my way back home

I love the scent of the sparkly nights 

It's the fragrance of falling into peace 

I remember too much

But I feel so less

I still see just mouths babbling, feet trotting

Tears, laughs, fights

I can see love

I can see hate and even jealousy 

I just feel so less

But I remember too much

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