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Ajay Singh

Abstract Drama


Ajay Singh

Abstract Drama

The Silence

The Silence

2 mins 232 2 mins 232

The silence between us clearly defining that we are not the same anymore,

The silence between us clearly defining that we don't want to talk anymore,

The silence between us is like the silence between the ground and the mountains,

Maybe this silence, we decided the long way before we started talking,

Or maybe this silence is the result of our long days and nights conversations in which we left so many negative thoughts, people and the breathes and the memories that we created to remember after letting go of each other.

The way afternoons of summer and the nights of winter felt like the loneliest moment of our life,

This silence is giving the same feeling to me,

It's scary, it's unbearable, it's unexplainable, it's something that I or maybe you too never expected or maybe you did.

The pain leaves memories, the love leaves memories, and this silence it's also leaving memories.

Memories to tell someone who will come in our paths,

To tell them how much we were close in those days,

We can ignore these things or maybe just you or maybe just me in the crowd of days,

But in the loneliness of nights, we can't or maybe you can't or maybe I can't ignore the fact that the moments of our prettiest conversations were the best moments of all time,

I regret to do the same thing that you did to me, but tell me for how many days a person can break his heart for no reason and the hope,

This silence between us is the part of our daily routine, we will be or just I'll get used to it.

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