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Veani Jenifer



Veani Jenifer




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How do I find happiness?

It was a rare delicacy in my life

It looked for it in all the wrong places

 I asked people for assistance

I even googled for information

But somehow I did not find it

Every day was a pain

Ironically the tears did not hurt much as the smile

Every fake smile pierced through my heart

Every false laughter added the burden in my head

After many futile efforts

I gave up

What is the point of holding on to something

When I might never find it

I saw happiness as a treasure

But it was not an absolute element

I had a predefined understanding of it

And seeking an item that would fit in that mold.

However, something struck me odd

What if it was a relative element

What is pretty everywhere and nowhere

It found joy in small things

It might not last

But that does not matter

It is an experience

We have to let go to embrace it

It is the circle of Life

It is Noor

The feeling of satisfaction and happiness

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