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Veani Jenifer



Veani Jenifer




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Let’s take a minute

Look up the phone

And gaze into the unknown

If you are indoors

Then open a window

The unevenly tall buildings fail to fit into a pattern

The clouds tease you by shaping slowly

The birds chirp and cry for no real reason

The animals seem to be in their secret project

Get out a little

Visit an ocean or the hills

The beauty is mesmerizing

Yet the fear is real

The vastness is tremendous

Yet they stand in unison

The freshness is real

Yet they are on the verge of destruction

It is so complex

Even than our daily problems

Open up your mind

Relish the things around you

It gives you perspective

It provides you Numinous

A powerful feeling of both fear and fascination,

Of being in awe and overwhelmed by what is before you

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