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Women- An Infinite Will

Women- An Infinite Will

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A soul nurtured in the womb

A pain so immense

A thought numbed at the picture of a tomb

Unfettered by wince

A mother she is.

A cry so shrill

Her beauty embraced

But the patriarchal eyes set

Even the plight of her shadow erased.

A baby girl she is.

A silky lock, teary-eyed

The victim of society

Wiping the precious gems

Over the cheeks, so glossy

A teenage girl she is.

Continued facing cynicism

Even her education not spared

But the will stood astounded

Spark of eyes, higher studies went along

A grown-up lady she is.

Hindrance of an obsolete culture

Started to play with her fears

Wedding bells, oh!

Dismantling her valiant aperture.

Was this the day for which she was reared?

A wife she is.

Unheard went her cry

In a relation cold and wry;

Raising voice for her identity lost

Dumped amidst buckets of plates

Her entire life did it cost?

A daughter in law she is.

Abrasions on her face

Demand for dowry

Churning her patience,

Thrashing her marriage, stepping out of awry

Only a woman she is.

Not does she expect ladies first

Or reservations aligned,

Just a sigh of equality

And knowledge paving her ability.

To break the intimidation

Her infinite will carve a new creation.

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