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Lost and Shattered 


She was;

When even after her 

Years of struggle,

She was totally at loss.

Dreamt of being an

Illustrious Music Star, 

She worked hard


To reach the 

Desired height;

But though, she tried a lot,

Repeatedly, she Failed

As her dreams never took a flight.

Never was she in 

Love with Anyone,

Except her music and her career;

But totally giving it all up now,

She decided to 

Take the Vows with...

The Man who was always her lover.

Everything he knew

About his


Dreams, Fights and Failures;

The best engagement gift,

He then planned,

To enhearten her and 

To boost her career.

Such a pleasant surprise it was

For the girl;

As she received

Her Dream-music-contract;

It was all so

Fantastic for her now,

As she decided again to get back on track.

Success, fame, wealth and happiness

Everything just followed her footsteps;

Her career was surely 

On the up and up now

Never ever did she, again suffer any setback.

The boy was her

Lucky Charm

She told everyone from the start;

Thanked him always,

Got hitched to him

And now loved him with all her heart.

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