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Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash




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All turmoils, uproars, riots, opposition,

Condemnations take their place

On the pages of newspapers and

Public ventilate their opinion by 

Reading my neutral creations

A country aspires a lot from my loyalty, honesty, sacrifice and dedication

So I always exhaust my untiring efforts to discharge my responsibilities ....

I don't know the word fear

Even I don't care the threatening of the terrorists, maoists and extremists

I always continue my relentless efforts with sheer dedication and commitment

Torrential rain, stormy tempests, blistering heat of scorching summer sun bone chilling cold, panic of pandemic

Have not been able to dampen my unflinching endeavors to bear the risk

I collect information from every corner of the country with my sincere efforts

Still where does lie my fault?

I am susceptible to threatening of murder, humiliation and insult

Are these the rewards for my dedication?

I never demand money, appreciation and a high place

I only need justice......

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