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Nidhi Mishra

Fantasy Romance


Nidhi Mishra

Fantasy Romance

If You Do, I'll Let You Go!

If You Do, I'll Let You Go!

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When you are near,

I wanna look deep into your eyes without a blink.

When you are far,

I wanna recall those conversations with smiles and a wink.

When you speak,

I wanna inscribe most pleasant words penned down with an invisible ink.

When we are together,

I wanna unveil things deep inside and try out how strong is our link.

When we strolled in a park,

I wanna hold your hand,lean on shoulder and talk to you silently,sitting on a bink.

When you lit candles for me,

I wanna explore how we fell in love when we dance,dine and drink.

When you hold me tightly,

I wanna dive in the ocean of your love and sink.

When you kissed me gently,

I wanna shower my love and turn you pink.

When you lay on my lap,

I wanna make you comfortable as in a winter night you're wrapped in a mink.

When you are sober,

I wanna you to pull me closer feel the warmth and slide in a rink.

When you read this,

I wanna you to remember a poetry has stories in it just close your eyes and hear that plink.

When you are pensive,

I wanna you to pledge we're not gonna feel bad for ourselves together, so please don't overthink.

When you are estranged,

I wanna let you go so that you can unplug and save yourself from a kink.

When you are unplugged,

Keep smiling coz one who loves unconditionally will always exchange sweetness of emotion through a chink.

After all, love is a good reason to make everything go right......

Am I right?


Am I right?

.....this is the way I feel and wanna do so,

...............If you do,I'll let you go.

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