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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Aniruddha Sastikar

Drama Fantasy


Aniruddha Sastikar

Drama Fantasy

Cupire At A Bar

Cupire At A Bar

6 mins 371 6 mins 371

In a wine bar, on a dark night,

Sipping bloody mary – 

All alone... 

A guy is trying to relax on a

Table reserved – 

Placed near a big window 

Overlooking the street...

A sip here and a sip there,

Two glasses down the throat,

Then try to relax,  

Fails – 

Anxiously looks outside 

The tinted window glass, 

Sees a – 

Young and beautiful,

Fair, tall, long-legged, gracious,

Brown haired, pouty lipped,

With a mole above the upper lip,

Plump, busty, and curvy – 


Approaching the bar...

His heart drops many beats,

Just to beat fast and heavy,

Cold blood races through 

Microest veins, as if it

Never traveled from there...

Excitingly jumps out from the

A comfy chair goes out of the bar,

To gain attention...

To his surprise, he does...

Girl sees this – 

Macho blue-eyed young man,

Smart and handsome,

Mustached and robust, 

Gets enticed by his appearance,

And walks toward him...

Her gait tells about her

Excitement meeting this seductive

Stunning young man... 

The flow and movement of her 

Body bends toward him...

He gestures a welcome,

She agrees...

They enter the pub.

He pulls and pushes a chair for her,

Swiftly gets seated on his...

His heart has forgotten to beat,

The blood froze enough to flow,

Eyelids flutter like wings of a butterfly,

Veins, arteries, cells are about to burst,

Suddenly, his mouth opens,

And asks softly...

Will you have a drink?

“Yes!” she replied.

Scotch or Wine?

Wine! Came the answer.

The guy gestures ‘Two’ to the steward,

Steward nods a “Yes!” 

All the while the girl is looking deep in those

Fine blue eyes, losing her self... 

Gazes at those plentiful biceps,

Johnny Bravo hairstyle,

Rosy lips hiding behind that fluffy mustache...

She bites her pouty lower lip forcefully...

As if she’s fallen in love – 

With this hulk, 

At first sight...

Sitting opposite him,

She’s lost her senses,

Her drooling eyes tell about, 

How badly she wants 

This erotic young man to be hers...

“Excuse me, Lady,

May I add ice to your wine?”

Asked the steward while serving wine,

This brings her back to the bar...

“No! I am too hot for the ice to handle” she replied.

Hearing this the waiter 

Raises his left eyebrow

In surprise, and the guy

Gets excited and adjusts 

Himself for a happening night...

Six glasses go empty,

Three have strong lip-stick marks,

With two bodies getting hotter,

With each passing moment.

The clock strikes zero...

Guy and girl come closer,

Cool breeze flows through the bar,

The heat on this table turns in-to flames...

They come closer and hug

Each other tightly with no space

For air to pass.

The bar staff tired and exhausted retire

On their couches for a good night sleep,

Leaving the guy and gal alone,

Thinking they would leave the bar soon...

The guy and girl are too excited 

To meet each other and were panting for breath...

Their hugging and kissing continues,

Without any signs of getting off,

They enjoy the night as never before...

“It’s 6 ‘O’Clock, get-up!” shouts the bar Manager.

Its Friday and the bar opens early on Friday’s.

“O My God!” shrieks a waiter.

Others gather where he was standing, shocked

“What’s wrong? Why did you shout?” asked one.

Totally blank, the one who shouted just points his 

First finger toward those scattered clothes of a female,

And wine glasses with blood full to the brim.

Another glimpse of blood flowing out of the glasses

The waiter collapses with a thud...

*Cupire - Combination of Cupid & Vampire.

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