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Aditi Mishra

Romance Fantasy


Aditi Mishra

Romance Fantasy

The Secret Dwelling

The Secret Dwelling

4 mins 24.6K 4 mins 24.6K

I don't remember when it happened,

That I was born inside a dark cover,

But I remember when I had come to life,

It was a moment when I popped my head,

Out into a stream of sunlight joyfully,

I curled and tossed my leaves in the wind,

And unfurled my twigs when it rained,

I toiled hard when the sun hit hard,

And wished to see more when it got dark,

Years passed by and I kept growing,

From a sapling to a plant and to a tree,

I used to wonder if things I had never seen,

Of places where I had never been.

People came and went by every day,

But I stood there for what seemed like a forever.

I don't remember when I saw her first,

I never knew where she came from,

I only remember her distinct gaze,

And the silence in which she wondered,

Of distant worlds and places like I did,

A little girl with her imaginations,

Scribbling her words in a notebook,

She seemed out of place among kids like her,

And often sat beneath my shade to ponder,

Upon all those things which didn't bother others,

That's why she seemed to me like my own one,


She recited stories to herself that only I heard,

Years passed by as she grew up,

Unperturbed by people around her,

Who tried to demolish her spirit,

She never knew we shared a common world,

She fought in her conquests and loved and lost,

Yet never in her journey did she lower her sword,

Each day I saw her rising up for another battle,

Nothing could ever break her spirit to fall apart,

She seemed like a warrior on her journey,

Walking along with people who needed her,

And walking alone when none did,

Her valor made her survive each day,

And she walked through storms and fires,

Perhaps she belonged to a distant land,

Yet visited me every single day,

Some times she loved the winds,

Some times she just got dripped in rains,

Yet at other times she just loved the chill,

Somehow I witnessed her dreams, her fears,

And knew her stories, more than she did,

I knew perhaps what she wrote in there,

She used to whisper into my brown trunk,

"These are secrets only you know",

And I wavered my branches like wings,

She loved to be here until one day,

After which she never came back to me,

I waited and yearned for a company,

For she was the one who was like me,

But she did not return,

Perhaps she had found a place better than this.

I grew old and wondered if people needed me,

They went along but none stopped by,

None appeared who seemed like her,

Until one day I saw a woman, her hair grown grey,

She was a stranger who had a familiar gaze,

She seemed unknown but like my own one,

She sat under my shade and wondered silently,

Of places she had been to and people she had seen,

She scribbled in her notebook of all those days,

When I didn't know in which world she had landed,

She talked to herself of those battles and journeys,

And I was the one who heard it all,

I knew she was the little girl who grew up here,

Her spirit, still unperturbed over the years,

She was the same warrior who never lowered her sword,

And I wavered my withered branches like wings,

She smiled at me and whispered into my trunk,

"These are still secrets only you know,

But I have to travel to another world,

For I am a human and my journey ends here,

But you know I had always thought of you,

And you will carry my secrets unlike anybody else,

Perhaps we will meet again in another world",

I knew she had to leave this world,

I unfurled my leaves and lowered my branches,

For a friend who was like my own,

She dug up the ground and buried her notebook,

And then left, this time never to come back,

I did not wait for her in reality,

For she had left her secrets with me,

She was remembered for her valor and integrity,

But deep down I wondered if she will meet me,

In a distant world, in an afterlife,

Years passed by and none like her ever came,

I withered more, expecting my end,

Until one morning when it was winter,

Came a little girl who sat silently,

Wondering of distant worlds,

Scribbling in her notebook,

And I wavered my branches like wings...

(The story continues)

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