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Brita Roy

Drama Tragedy


Brita Roy

Drama Tragedy

I Am Blind

I Am Blind

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  The caring face of my mother, I have never seen;                                                                            

 I cannot differentiate the colours, red or green;            

I do not know the beauty of a soft blossoming rose,  

Or the shimmer on a silver river, as it languidly flows.


I hear the melody, in a distant nightingale’s song;                                                                    

  I empathize in her ecstatic rapture, and sing along;                                                                 

 For me it is only darkness, whether day or night!

I’d also love to see the little birdies, in their flight!


I can feel the heat of a flame, and the cold of ice,                                                             

 I can hear horses gallop, and the squeak of the mice.                                                                  

 I can hear excited fans cheer, at a match of Football;                         

 I enjoy the delicious aroma, wafting from a food stall.


But why for me this agony, this undeserved curse?!                                                          

 My future has been strangulated, it cannot be worse. 

I’ll not be able to see ever, how will I spend my days,                                                  

 Devoid of the glimmer of hope, devoid of Sun’s rays?

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