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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Humpty Dumpty Fall

Humpty Dumpty Fall

2 mins 262 2 mins 262

I couldn't call that a travesty.

I had known from the beginning.

He was a crude weasel who didn't play his games well.

His talks about love were treacly;

One would have sensed deceit in them.

He kept acting like Hercules.

His emotions, weak as Achilles' heels.

He had this high ego but he was a minute sprig.

I kept reiterating what I sensed but they fell on deaf ears.

My friend, a chrysanthemum, fell deep into his lake of lies.

His mouth painted the universe as a gift for her.

Something wasn't just right about him.

My friend, a gullible lass, wouldn't care.

She kept snoozing the alarm bell that blared.

She took the hunter's whistle for a bugle.

Like a painter with bristles in his brush, they painted the town red.

He kept devouring her bodily bread.

They defiled their temples with bad examples.

I told her to flee from the smoothie she called her guy;

She shut me up with a bedeviled hostility in her voice.

I bought a huge padlock for my mouth.

I decided to let her act like the adult she's.

I stopped acting like the intruder she called me.

I let the sleeping dog lie.

But, I was convinced he's fake.

Then, the dead weight fell.

She saw the true painting his colour painted.

He was a poor church rat who acted like a rich peacock.

His missions were to: steal, devour and destroy.

He was a smooth talker who had loads of victims at his Beck and call.

I became a shoulder to lean and cry on.

She lamented how she tripped for his tricks.

She became indignant but kept blaming herself.

She cursed the ingenuous part of her.

Something remains constant,

She had been tricked and she tripped.

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