Get Me A Poet

Get Me A Poet

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All my life,

I have craved for Art:

Art as a spoken word;

Art as an expression.

Now, I have concluded:

Of what will soothe me

And what will gladden me?

Get me a Poet!

In a Poet lies words of goodness.

In him lies rivers of flowing smoothness.

His aura begets unending words of playful verity.

His tongue is like a tap that runs beauty and eulogy.

I want a lovey-dovey relationship.

Let his love for me make him paint me like a dove with his writings.

Let him concisely describe me till I am swept off my feet:

Let his words coin and uncoin riddles about my being till I am bewildered.

Let there be no vain repetition of words till I am saddened.

Get me a Poet!

My heart yearns for a dexterous ink man

Who will set his papyrus on fire with my ode?

Let him be a decent person but let him be gay with his ink.

Until I have him will I keep longing?

Get me a Poet and save me from being a worrywart.

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