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shivanni s

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational


shivanni s

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

Her Invisible Diadem

Her Invisible Diadem

2 mins

She walked through the pale moonlight,

Invincible that she was.

Guided by the mere trance of her beating heart.

Beautiful as she was, broken as she concealed,

Her wondrous stride marked

A walkway of battles she never choose to fight.

A woman of strength and valor,

Poised with supremacy of good will,

To everyone who crossed her path.

A demeanor she possessed with none to decipher,

For she was made to understand, but never understood.

She was beautiful, always kind and gentle,

Yet as fatal and lethal as she could get;

While she masqueraded as a cynic,

She was a pragmatist in her true sense.

She manifested to be fierce and impulsive.

She was that somebody,

Who made the rest of us seem appalling.

She was what everyone hoped to be.

She believed in the green light across the horizon,

The ingenuity and the credulous temperament of mankind,

Which most definitely was only a silhouette-

She conjured in her thoughts.

She was ushered by her own grandeur and grace;

And remained that gracious woman-

Whose spirit was invincible and indomitable.

She was wrecked and bruised,

Yet each wound that pierced her from within,

Made her burnish with the sheen,

And intensity of an entire constellation that seized the eerie night sky.

She howled in the rear,

And fought her way out to the crest of her magnificence;

For only the ones, who truly pursued her from within,

Perceived what an enigma she could be.

She was a marvel, a splendor, and a woman of essence;

With the pride of an enormous and a dauntless heart.

She wasn't extraordinary or endowed;

But indeed she was a gift to the humanity.

She touched lives in ways that went ahead of any man's comprehension.

She had abundant love to bequeath,

As it was unconditional for she was;

Plentiful, self sufficient and honored,

And with all righteousness she was ordinarily extraordinary,

For she was more than just a woman!

She was a phenomenon.

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