Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

parag mehta



parag mehta




2 mins

Heartbroken I am!

At the end, that's exactly what I am!

Trust me I'm a tired man!

Just don't want to start again!

Defeat is what I'm willing to concede!

I just want to let loose and recede!

To a place where I'm the only one!

Not to be disturbed by anyone!

I have tried all the formulas!

And have seen each of them fail!

That too at a very large scale!

Just want to get out of this jail!

Dare I say this, but I gave it all!

Don't know the reason for this fall!

The only positive I had all this while!

Was that girl and her damn smile!

But she left in middle of the match!

Maybe she took this as a catch!

So I was left alone in this battle!

There was a lot for me to settle!

To all the times which were awesome!

To all the challenges that were gruesome!

To all the takings which were available!

To all the givings making it stable!

I had her hand right throughout!

Her backing In this damn bout!

She was there to be the support!

The partner in the life's court!

But again, all this was only till halfway!

Lot was still left to cover on the highway!

Rest assured, I had to take the fight up!

New challenges asking daily, what's up?

So did I give up and forfeit?

Did I had any more fight left?

Did I possess what was needed?

Questions were there and answers pleaded !!

For the time being,

I just kept fighting on!

To all the challenges,

I said, "bring it on"!

But this heart was alone!

It bore the burnt of everything!

It's vulnerability had grown!

At the end, had to give something!

So at the end of this game!

The point is simple yet so tame!

Trust me, "heartbroken I'm"!

At the end, honestly that's what I am!

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