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Pranavi Gupta

Drama Inspirational


Pranavi Gupta

Drama Inspirational

Heart Seeks for Freedom

Heart Seeks for Freedom

1 min 48 1 min 48

Deep down she wants,

To do what is her will

To be free from over restriction,

And attain freedom from it once,

Locked by the judging 

Society she feels

As if her hand is tied up with handcuffs,

She is asked to not to step out of boundaries,

 As if she is locked up as a prisoner,

Peeping from the window outside,

 she is wondering, and disheartened soul

Aches I would have been there,

So much fun I missed O dear, sighs!!

When will the mentality of people grow,

When will this torture end up though,

Would the suffering ever go,

Broken inside could not express herself,

As is sure no one would help,

Broken inside but couldn't scream

What to do to fulfill my dream

Much hopeless and helpless

She seems freedom is only her dream.

The actual freedom we will win

When she fearlessly let to do

What she is willing to,

And let her pursue her dream,

And she will no more scream.

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