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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Abhyudoy Basu



Abhyudoy Basu


A Travel Journal

A Travel Journal

4 mins 24.2K 4 mins 24.2K

Yesterday I decided to go out on a trip 

About that my mother was extremely tight-lipped.

My brother started cursing me 

And punching me in the chest like Bruce Lee.

My little sister didnʼt care at all,

Mostly ‘cause she was playing with her Barbie doll.

And since my fatherʼs weak heart nearly failed,

I started to think my plans were derailed.

But at last I got permission (though with a frown),

And for supplies, I had to go to town.

I had to either catch a plane at 12 oʼclock,

Or, at 5K15, turn up at the docks.

I chose the latter due to scarcity of money,

And when I went out the weather was sunny.

But soon it turned dark and grey,

And how I yearned for the sun and breezes of May.

My first stop was China, then Norway,

Then in Japan I would stay for a day.

Then comes any country, as long as I donʼt lose my way,

Then in the deserts of Africa, in despair start to bray.

But I got a shock when I reached China,

As soon as I got down I was confronted by a talking mynah. 

And it said very seriously “Donʼt go to Norway!” 

Lest you want your head served on a tray!

It was and still is a nice country and all,

But for some time, its government has stalled!” 

I was aghast and I asked the mynah,

“How did you know I was coming to Norway and China?”

The bird simply laughed and flew away

And there in surprise and shock I lay.

Till the break of the next day,

And then to a person I did say,

“I hear there is a revolution in Norway?”

“Aye”, he said, “A coup by Rolf Anderson Tay.”

In dilemma I decided to go to Japan -

There I went and asked a Travel Agency man,

“I couldnʼt go to Norway, where can I go now?”

“Well,” he said, “You can definitely go to Macao!” 

“Beautiful weather, neither hot nor too sunny!

And it wonʼt drain your pocket of its (Iʼm sure), hard earned money.”

And so I went to the aforementioned place,

And was hit by a blow of a metaphorical mace.

I t was as expensive as the nine circles of Hell and even Purgatory 

The hotel bill was the cost of fifteen massive lorries.

Then again I suddenly saw that mynah,

It must have followed me here from Japan and the North of China.

I asked it what it was, what was its name.

It laughingly replied “If I answer you, you will never be the same.

It’s best that you donʼt know who I am.

And as for my name, you can call me Maʼam.”

I asked her why did she tell me about the situation in Norway

But the bird simply laughed and flew away 

And there in despair and dismay I lay

Till the break of the next day

And then to a person I did say, 

“Did you see a mynah here today?”

He said, “Are you nuts, my dear boy! A mynah!

Surely you know there are no such birds in China!”

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