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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Act Of Unloving

The Act Of Unloving

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There will be a storm

A silent one

Even the most sensitive ears

Won't hear anything

Hearts will rupture amidst

The pain

Like dark clouds

Holding onto water

Ready to burst anytime

But hearts are different

Insignificantly heavy with




And when it'll rupture

All the belongings

Will run back

To the person they should

The sky will turn

Pale shade of yellow

Like leaves

Thirsty of water

Who will soon break and fall

So will clouds

Their rueful pieces will chip

And fall down

Silently again

A slight noise can break the process

Dilemma can hit you hard

So stay low

It's still not time

It can't be easy you see

Unlike loving

Love never chokes you

Unloving does

There'll be lightning

Cracking the floor beneath

Every outstretched memory

Love injected you

But they won't die

Rather live in an abyss of





Haunting you every now and then

Pushing you back to the beloved past

Beautifully painful

But it's bound to happen

Anesthetics are recommended

There'll be burning

There'll be destruction

From far away a voice will echo

And try to stop you

But it's too late now

There’s no coming back

For love can't suffer

For the sake of emotions

So let things get burnt and destroyed

It's now time to speak

Silence has had enough role

For more of it

Will burn your throat

You'll stammer

But don't worry

Friction will gradually decrease

Things will get clear

With honesty

Be polite enough

For it'll be the last memory

Before unloving

And will be remembered by both

You can either be

A stampede raging

Or a water body at sea level silently

Both of you'll carry the scars of neglection

Never leave the person in dilemma

Of whose fault it is



Or love

Then turn back

And leave

Like you left at the first meeting

Unaware of what is


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