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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A University

A University

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My friend, dear Stefan, had gone you know

To a university that's good for show.

This mate of mine tells me his fable 

Of what once looked right hospitable

But it turned out to be his worst nightmare

Oh! How “fair is foul, foul is fair”.

The first, he says, the rule that apply

Fashions humorous faces turn to wry

Is entailing ids to cross the wall

Built of iron barriers that stand so tall.

In case you let slip carrying it 

You have to combat guard's breeding wit

Who then sends you back and waves goodbye

How you wish, like all men, may soon he die!

The professors, they say don't come in late

Fifteen minutes and shut the gate!

Just to make things worse they introduced

Mighty attendance which is never reduced.

Here seventy-five percent sounds abstruse 

While death, in fact, is no excuse.

Less than this they 'debar' you

Pay thousand rupees and an exam due.

But, he claims, most savage scene 

Is when lecture's on and you intervene.

All of a sudden, the world turns gray 

As you become Cerberus’s prey.

Away you go through thick and thin

To a room where dean counts your sin

Now the only way to salvation

And acquire a state of rejuvenation 

Is to sit quiet in the front 

Neither a gruff noise nor a grunt

Then you shall get away with suspension 

Despite every odd and dissension 

And create nuisance all over again

Until there's none to refrain.

Such gigantic campus yet a captive

You are dazed but oh, so active!

What amuses me is this dreadful cliché

Look every nook, choose any niche

Adding pointless subjects like fatal disease 

These extras never cease to decrease.

Who on earth teaches ten hours a day?

From eight to six by clock they say.

Summer projects lased down by law 

Are induced as if raven's claw

They take all night, these research reports

'No, redo it’, - supervisor retorts.

Such hell they framed in the name of education

-the veriest 'hades' in entire nation.

Well, you may have now without a doubt 

Guessed the university I talked about.

So, let in one word be said

What lies latter is regret ahead

As who once was a happy swain 

Cries entire day and night in pain.

And in the end, all I ask of you

Go hard or go black and blue

But never visit this university again

Else your living shall end in vain.

Thus, you will have no life at all

No bunks, no movies, no trips to mall.

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