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Pranavi Gupta



Pranavi Gupta


Body Shaming And Acceptance

Body Shaming And Acceptance

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Ohhh you human being,

Who taught you to define beauty,

And how could you say,

One not pretty,

Just answer me, 

What about if we cook the food,

Don't you know, every spice,

Has its own importance though,

The yellow turmeric adds up the color, 

the salt makes it salty,

The cumin adds its own taste,

 The coriander powder is also in need,

To make it perfect and delicious, 

These are just different varieties,

Each has its own value 

and importance,

Just imagine if all would have been the same taste and same texture would you be able to have it.

Ohh ...silly human you question,

Gods creation by saying it not beautiful,

The taller trees, some greeneries we see, 

Don't you even love those smaller plants, 

Sometimes love to see different colored flowers, 

They all are varieties and posses different characteristics, 

But yes all of them are beautiful.

And you question God's creation!!!

Every reason is hidden in nature,

Explore humans explore,

Rather than bullying, or body shaming others, 

Firstly let yourself know what actually beauty is?

I redefine today, All of us are different varieties of same species, Everyone possesses their own characteristics,

But all creations of God is beautiful.

Ohh dear human don't give urself a right to judge God's creation,

Rather appreciate the beauty he gave to all of us, we say the surroundings beautiful, but see ourselves inferior why?

We are a part of nature too, 

We all are equally beautiful,

Let's be grateful to the Almighty for making us,

 Be proud to say yes these are my characteristics and I am my own kind of beautiful,

Tell those humans, you don't have the right to question the creation of God.

Do remind them Seawater seems lovely with waves but its purpose is to relax People with the scenic beauty,

No, you can't even say lakes, Rivers useless though,

As their purpose is to provide us with the drinking water,

Everything has a reason behind,

Everyone is born with a purpose,

Everyone is the best in their ways,

Rather if you wanna enhance your beauty,

Learn to be a beautiful soul along with,

 And enhance your intelligence people,

 That would add up as ornaments to your already existing beauty.

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