Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Sunrise ...

The Sunrise ...

4 mins

The day became dark 

As dark as every evil's bark 

No more sunrise 

No more vision for life 

Burnt, buried and suffered.

Hanging stars found hard to breath 

Searching their light with tears 

They became blind in the darkness of death 

Yearning for their home to return soon

They got submerged in between fire and ice.

The moon, oh the moon 

Who sings the song of love 

Is now murmuring without lyrics 

Painful eyes, dry throat, rapid beat 

The moon's white skin turns red as time passes 

Oh the light, yeah it's her light 

Science may deny but for her, it's beyond life  

It cuddles her and she feels high 

People smile at her at night 

Nah, that's her light giving her a smile. 

Dwindling down slowly and then rising 

Playing hide and seek with the moon 

The moon and her light fell in love 

And made others fall in love too 

There came one dark eve, one devil's night 

Her heart broke, broke into pieces 

Holding her lungs all the way through her throat 

Her heartbeat was bouncing the pieces resting on her soul.

With each beat, with each tear, she died every second. 

Wet pillows and rolled up blankets 

Figured out her dark nights without her light 

Shivered due to coldness in the air 

She hugged her teddy as loneliness hit hard 

Neither lived nor died she survived every moment 

Neither killed nor burnt her heart beat for life 

Neither it went in nor it went out her breath was hard to notice 

Neither her love nor her soul had made any mistake? 

Ears yearning to hear his voice 

Lips refusing to shout his name aloud 

Eyes holding his picture in the blurred sea 

All her senses sensed only his presence 

Breaking those pieces still harder and harder 

But one eve, one God's eve 

With hope, she waited for her light 

Lingering around the dark space 

She behaved like blind and black 

Yes, she is without her light …

The broken pieces were collected into one 

Pillows turned dry and blankets got their perfect fold 

She found it easy to breathe in and out 

Blurred sea dried and gave her the real vision 

Refusing lips stood straight and said his name aloud 

There came the reply with a smile 

"Your sun has risen for you again " 

"Your light, yes your light is back for you beauty " 

"Life still exists in the dark with me as your light " 

"Welcome again moon to our universe of love " 

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