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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

The Writer



The Writer


Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade

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If you want my soul I will gift you

Because I know you will keep it safe 

If you want my eyes to see this world 

I can be blind because I love seeing your world. 

If you are a flower I will be the fragrance 

Though I get lost in the air you stand top in hair 

If you are a fruit I will be the sweetness !!

Though I lose my essence I hold you up with Fluorescence !!

If you want my ears then I will go deaf 

Because I love hearing your voice so close to you 

If you want my brain then I will go insane 

Because I love taking care of every cell of your body 

If you are the flame I will be the smoke 

Even if you go off I will stay and feel your presence

If you are the light in my candle ,I will be the wax 

Even if I melt off I will not let you go dark !

If you want my heart then I'll wait for the next birth 

Because I know my heart will make you live long 

If you want my legs then I will crawl on the floor 

Because I know my legs will carry you in the air, not on the floor !

If you are a pen then I will be the paper 

Even if I get hurt I will not stop you from writing 

If you are a baby I will be your mom 

Even if I die I will show you the world 

If are a door then I will the lock 

Will Hold you tightly with me 

If you are a blackboard then I will be the chalk 

Shading you with white though I broke into pieces 

If you are a sun I will be the moon 

Will be waiting for you till you start you are morning.

If you are a cup I will be the saucer 

Will not let you go all alone.

If you are a tear then I will be the eyelid 

I will not let you feel your presence 

If you are a tree I will be the breeze 

Will make you feel that you have life.

If you are a finger I will be the ring 

Will be the sign of your love.

If you are a raindrop I will be the sea 

Will hold you with me all the time and create you for me every time !


If you are the sky I will be the star

Hiding the darkness from you with my light 

If you are a rainbow I will be the colors 

Lumimating your curves with my nerves 

If you are the lamp I will be the flame 

Shall we light up the darkness around us?? 

Come closer my comrade 

Let's light up a new life!! 

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