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Haunted Valentine

Haunted Valentine

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They bought a house to stay together,

To enjoy their company alone,

But never did they know who stayed there,

Near to them, under the dome…..

Ticking of the clock,

Squeaking of the door,

The flying curtains,

And flapping windows……

It was a new moon night,

And the wolf was howling,

She saw something in the dark,

Those were his eyes frowning…

In shock, she stared at him,

The shadow started moving back,

Who was the shadow there?

She thought as her eyes kept the track….

Suddenly a mouse ran through the piano,

As the winds passed through the chimes,

She turned around with the sudden sound,

As if the mouse and wind committed a crime….

Turning back she again thought,

Who was standing out there?

Surprised, only to know,

She was all alone, in front of a creepy chair…

Ting-Tong, rang the bell,

And she ran towards the door,

Just to know he was back,

And welcomed him, with no fear anymore….

As the night was over,

And the sun shined bright,

She calmed down and told him,

All the weird things happened last night…

Enquiring with neighbors,

They came to know,

The soul was of a lover,

Who died years ago….

His girl was back in the town,

And wanted to give him surprise,

As she started in a taxi cab for home,

An accident led to a sad demise…

Shocked by her death,

And broken in every way,

He decided to live no more,

And killed himself on the same day…..

He loved his girl very much,

His love for her was genuine….

He won’t harm any loving couple, they continued,

As the day he died was Valentine!!!

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