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Bhavya Sankhyan

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Bhavya Sankhyan

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Little Princess Awaits

The Little Princess Awaits

2 mins

Somebody broke the windows of our house last night

‘Traitor’ they screamed, mama said it’s okay as we hid under the sheets.

You’ve been gone for a while now daddy, and mama says it’s alright,

But I miss you so much, I want to go to the park on the hillside

she made me a tiara with the flowers from the vase,

When are you coming home daddy, your little princess awaits,

I am being bullied at school daddy, kids hit me with slates,

But I can’t tell mama because I know she already cries when I am away,

Somebody took our fridge daddy, the beds and the little Oven too,

On most of the days, we run out of food,

Mama says it’s alright but I get so hungry at night,

And I fought with those big boys in the park,

They said you were never coming back and they hit me with the barks,

I haven’t had ice cream since months daddy, why don’t you take me to that place?

When are you coming back home daddy, your little princess awaits,

But it got worse when I got home yesterday

Mama hanged herself to a rope in the room,

I got excited because I thought it was a game,

I laughed and I giggled and I ran around jumping,

I threw a ball at her, I asked her what the game was,

She won’t say a word, she won’t reply at all

Does she hate me too? Have I been a bad kid?

My doll now speaks daddy, she says mama is being funny and I should laugh to make her play,

I laugh and I laugh but she doesn’t move from that place

I slept hungry last night, she’s still hanging in there with eyes open wide,

Her face has withered and gone a little astray but at least now she doesn’t cry through the day,

My doll held me tight, said she will help me hang myself, she says she wants me to wear her dress

She is scary so I don’t know what to portray,

When will you come back home, daddy, your little princess awaits…

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