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Good Enough

Good Enough

2 mins

Pain is a constant

This aching, burning, tragic heart

Suffering the shame of never being good enough

Baring the stain of loosing, becoming used to it effects

I've given so much of myself that there is little left

I've stretched my soul across space and time in hopes that

One day true love will find a place for her and I, whoever she may be

For those I've truly loved never truly loved me

At times I loved too much when I should've held back...

Other times I held back when I should've loved hard

So many mistakes and misinterpretations

So much pain caused by miscommunication

I've lost pieces of myself through every tragic end

Questioning whether or not I'll ever love or be loved again

And if so, how long will it be before she leaves me

How limited am I in my capacity to love when love always starts sweet but ends so bitter

So much to give but not enough to consider

I become a wash with fear whenever she approaches near

Like a vagrant come to steal all that I posses, all that I have left

She appears like an apparition

Lifting me up only to drop me from the highest altitudes leaving me broken and in tears

Love... Such a volatile thing

Companionship is a necessity but it bears a brutal sting

To feel as though you're no one to anyone is to truly feel alone

Brick by brick, stone by stone

These walls built to keep love at bay have trapped me in this prison I now call home

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