Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—A business plan for a healthy and robust democracy, with a potential to reduce taxes.
Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—A business plan for a healthy and robust democracy, with a potential to reduce taxes.

Diabolical Scheme

Diabolical Scheme

3 mins

The system's rigged with insidious intent

The crooks are infamous they care not for your consent

Diabolical schemes plays out the midnight edition

Pay the piper yet success will be forbidden

They call themselves politicians.

The House, The Senate planning our slow demise without an ounce of contrition

Deteriorate the fabric and infuriate the madness

Withhold the truth with restricted information

Pit the people against each other with blaten indignation

Then strike in the midst of their inglorious degradation

Over 240 years democracy has stood firm becoming

A beacon of light and prosperity for the world to aspire to

But something slithered in like a cancerous worm,

Taking control from the people which they rightfully earned

The banks stepped in and the world began to burn

Democracy became a great pretender

Two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for dinner

When will the people wake up and smell the roses

When will they realize the flower is artificial and the smell is synthetic

Our environment is in immediate danger and only unity will save it

Our entire way of life is threatened

Threatened by policy and misdirection

They'd have you believe this change is natural and that we're not the cause

They'd have you believe a thing like diesel could be clean and isn't secretly killing us all

It's like pretending you didn't pee in the pool acting

Like the temperature change is normal (It's cool)

It is probable that we, as a species are the direct cause of climate change.

We're causing irreparable damage to this planet.

Radiated fish and islands made of plastic

Rivers overrun with waste and shore lines blackened Pink lakes of amethyst

Methane and carbon dioxide so thick I can't see through the smog of progress

I can't breath this air my lungs won't process

What happens when the earth's bleed dry,

When nothing's left for her to give and it's time to say goodbye?

Where would we go?

Where could we go?

Most of us wouldn't have a choice we'd have to stay and watch the world die

The haves will always rule the have nots

We were never meant to receive a piece of the pie

Carter warned us it was coming, Reagan ushered in the Bull

Capitalism begins, now Free enterprise writes the rules

Strip down the factories and set the peasants free

Inflate the cost of living and market meaningless consumption as an absolute priority

Ish ain't cheap

Raise the price of everything

Stagnate the pay rate, demand we work until our hands bleed,

Until our legs give way from the blisters on our feet,

Until we're so beaten down we forfeit the courage to speak

Give the peasants homes they can't afford with loans they can't uphold,

Fill them with false hope and the illusion of opportunity

Then change the locks and sell the key

A most diabolical scheme indeed

Capitalism runs on Dunkin

That'll be an extra 35 cents for sugar and cream



Come, your opportunity awaits!

Not enough pay to play and you're stuck with a view below opportunities gates.

We have zero control over the most important problems we face today

We look to blame but we should look no further than ourselves

We let this happen

We gave corporation the rains and said "lead the way Captain"

We elected spineless men to stand above corruption

And expect them not to be corrupted

We let the illusion seep in and take root and wonder

Why the downtrodden remain downtrodden without interruption

Trump is not a savior

One president proceeds another.

Democrat, republican... One of them will lead us under and

Bury this empire with intent bound by clouds of thunder

Leaving all that we covet to thieves for plunder.

What happened to the FDR's and JFK's

What happened to the second Bill of Rights

What happened the to "We the People"

To Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

What happened to the American dream

How did we fall victim to corporate run capitalism most diabolical scheme?

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