Girl In The Mirror

Girl In The Mirror

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Oh how to make you understand,

Girl in the mirror with tears in your eyes?

Do I shout,do I reprimand?

How do I teach you life's lows and highs?


I look at you,you keep crying on;

Your face reveals a standing woe-

You're beautiful,like the falling dawn;

Yet the world doesn't at all think so.


Girl in the mirror,it's hard,I know,

To see people change like night & day;

To smile and give a false show,

Though love doesn't ever trod your way.


I see your distant,forlorn eyes;

They have a profound depth-

Whatever the world in you may despise,

I'll say,''You're the best.''


You too have dreams,million crores,

But they get crushed alive;

You bury them amidst your chores-

You shatter,yet you survive.


Girl in the mirror,in people's head,

You're as priceless as dust;

You ARE priceless,but instead,

As a diamond which brings forth lust.


Girl in the mirror,wipe your tears,

And learn to walk alone;

To soothe your heart and calm your fears-

And be as hard as stone.

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