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Sounak Saha

Abstract Fantasy Others


Sounak Saha

Abstract Fantasy Others

A Thought For Tomorrow

A Thought For Tomorrow

2 mins

Joy and mirth! Carols and rhymes!

“Bring forth the cakes and pies..”

“Dear ones come to gather ’round,

Spare no moment to disguise.”


The mother’s voice, was followed hence,

With glee and jolly pride.

“Loved be Winter, in no pretense,

In you the Springs confide!”


Toasts for tomorrow, within luminous halls..

“Let the Holy Father be our guide.”

Warmth of stone, and plastered walls,

And strangers to the cold outside.


The ice shone like a sheet of glass,

Far away the chimney smoke..

A wisp of ash and charcoal crass,

The remnants of scarlet oak.


Outside amidst the chilly winds,

The empty lane stands to stare…

At the face of flickering neon lights,

Who hope the world would care..


Beneath their glimmer, there stays a man,

Who has no food, nor fire.

Shivering hands, and fragile bones:

“Cursed be Winter! For once retire!”


On and on, and on…went the road,

Into the mist, far away, dissolved.

A soul, desolate, down it strode..

Of all its deeds.. absolved.


A black collar turned, against the snow,

A frosty kiss adorned his skin.

“Stomp!Stomp!”-The footsteps went..

In a long search for the merry din.


Far above, the streetlamps’ shade..

Their halos looked as a burning flame,

Distorted shards, as a broken blade,

A beauty with too many a name.


The naked man, borne immune,

To the Winter’s harsh caress..

A dim-lit room, the sweetest tune!

A restless heart, who can suppress?


Wide meadows of gray and white!

Hold spellbound this starry Night!

Gone… are dark alleys and lanes..

the gleam of snow is what remains.


There stood high towers of steel and glass,

Beneath velvet skies of trembling stars..

A Universe that does not yield,

To Eternity, within a moment’s pass.


Pine branches swayed, not a leaf to bear,

The barren Earth did moan..

A golden Sun shall never dare,

To, all its sins, condone?


With the softest voice, the silence broke,

Into her glittering eyes he stared..

What passions does a lover evoke,

That the Darkness cannot share?


Her arms engulfed, his body whole,

Where else must he reside?

“Blessed be Winter! Blessed be my soul!

In you the years collide!”

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