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Ayan Hossain

Drama Fantasy


Ayan Hossain

Drama Fantasy

My Sister, Minu

My Sister, Minu

2 mins

Memories scattered all around the house,

Though some are bitter, but still they are the sweetest to keep.

All the memories that I can not allow anyone to sweep.

I still stop by your room, and muse on those toys,

Well-arranged on those shelves.

Like the thin layer of dust upon them, a layer of my heart,

Still protect those memories from depart.

The sound of our giggles and quarrels still echo on these walls.

The quarrels used to made us silent for an hour or two.

But I still knew how much care you do.

Took care of me, pampered me, you made me the person I am,

If there's any place after mother, the honour bestowed upon you.

Though you are now a mother of my two beautiful nieces, and have a beloved spouse,

But don't ever forget me, or forget this house.

There's always the room beside the balcony,

Awaiting you to come. 

Though this time we will not play hide and seek.

But in your honour a celebration has to be done.

With chocolates, gifts and wishes I will welcome you.

Maybe for the next year, enlist this celebration as due.

Though we are far away from each other,

Maybe a hundred or two kilometers.

I write my feelings for my Minu, my dear sister.

Wish I could come to you overcoming this disaster.

Hope you are happy there, hope you are well.

And forgive me for not being there.

In this auspicious moment of Raksha Bandhan, I bless you from my heart, my dear.

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