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Ayan Hossain



Ayan Hossain


My Little Daughter

My Little Daughter

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I still remember the day we first met,

In an orphanage, where you were left.

Left to live alone, like a calf in the wood,

Deserted by the parents, deserted by her hood.

That was a time when you were a child.

Wrapped in a thin cloth, patched in aside.

The first time I hold you, I looked into your eyes,

So many questions there, about those I have to lie.

You were merely four, not more than six,

A cute little girl, with suspicion in cheeks.

I was a stranger, to you, so was your mom.

Now I am with my duties all done.

The more you grew, the more charming you become,

My dear little princess, my lucky charm.

We never let you know, the secret that we keep.

But no more lies, today with the peace I will sleep.

My dear little girl, you are grown now, and on your own.

You have two little kids, a daughter, and a son.

Now it's time for me to rest in peace.

But let you know my darling, you were and will always be my bliss.

This letter you may get after I am gone,

But believe me, my dear, you were always my own little daughter.

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