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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Anita Sreejit



Anita Sreejit


From Baby to Mumma

From Baby to Mumma

3 mins

From Baby Elephant to Mumma Elephant

The baby elephant asked her Mumma

"Why don't you let me go out, like my friends?

I know it's night, but it'll be fun

All my friends go.

Why can't I?"

Mumma Elephant said," No, you can't.

But don't get upset, we will play ludo instead."

The baby elephant asked her Mumma

" Why can't I buy clothes, like my friends?

Why can't I style my tail hair at the parlour there where my friends go in their time spare.

Why can't I throw a party on my birthday

Everyone does

But why can't I ???

Mumma Elephant looked at her tiny purse,

sighed and said," I promise, my dear I'll get you new clothes.

But wait for the Elephant festival, that's next month.

Why go to the parlour, you really don't need

Why style your hair, when they're pretty indeed

Why throw a party

Why this expense

Don't we celebrate every time at Granny's house instead

Sugarcane pudding, banana shake- all the things that you like will be there

Years have passed

as they always do

Baby Elephant is now a Mumma to two

She has a busy life, for she teaches in Elephant High

Learning, teaching, innovating are her forte ,you know

Her childhood friends have gone very far

Some are good

Some in despair

"Thanks Mumma Elephant for keeping me safe,

for giving me education that paved my way"

Her closet is full of clothes, that make her look pretty

But what gives her beauty is her voice and her thoughts

Thanks Mumma Elephant for giving me inner beauty of your values and essence, so true

Her kids' birthday parties are always fun

But not like the ones of her own childhood

Smell of her Granny's cooking, the herds of uncles, aunts and cousins

the joy and happiness that she longs for now

Thank you Mumma for making me realize that no party can replace the joy of being with loved ones

So now the baby elephant asks her Mumma Elephant,

"Let's live that childhood once again

Please talk to me, once again."

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