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Twisha Ray

Fantasy Inspirational Children


Twisha Ray

Fantasy Inspirational Children

Eyes Say A Lot

Eyes Say A Lot

2 mins

Wandering through a small forest

I came across an old gnarled tree

As I drew even closer

It had a doorway I could see

It was all wonky, and misshapen

My curiosity took control

As I pushed it wide open

It swallowed me whole

I was sucked into a world of cats

Some were flying, some sound asleep

And others were simply walking around

With purrings so very deep

Others gently brushed my legs

Guiding me like that

Leading me to another cat

Which was sat upon a mat

This cat then spoke to me

Saying "I purr therefore I Siam!"

For I was on a journey

To discover who I am

The talking cat flew away

And left me to my own devices

I was guided to a plain looking door

Behind which lay more surprises.

I then entered a new world

All black, and white, and grey

Walking along on a white footpath

With blackening trees all asway

I meet an elderly lady

Who speaks to me in grey

She told me to remember

not all is as it appears

She then turns into a wailing ghost

Then suddenly disappears

I wandered further, along this curious route

To see where it would lead

Just ahead, I saw a door

a door of shining gold indeed

I knocked three times on this one

As I felt not so bold

A voice came through, and said enter

I did, as I was told

And entered a wonderful palace

Where all was covered in a golden braid

Within I was greeted with much hype

By pixies, fairies, and love

All playing harps, and flutish pan pipes

Brick by brick a path was laid

Like a jigsaw puzzle to life it made

And every brick had its place

Where I would proudly walk with grace

But this was rushed to complete

And foundations set weren't concrete

That every time a step was made

All the bricks had slowly strayed

Now my paths no longer smooth

From when first walked in my youth

I built my path too high, too fast

Unfortunately, it didn't last

I wish I had taken time

Instead, of my rush to climb

Now the bricks feel like eggshells

And every step is ringing bells

My destination, I'm not sure

As now, I'm waiting just to fall

I finally made it to the top

But like a rollercoaster, now I drop

You've three doors of love to enter yet

Or you'll lose your love forever

Just a simple choice you need to make

To find the one you adore

When you soon leave this world

You must walk through the right door

There was a flash of light

And I was in the same woods where I'd started

and came facing three doors, but did they mean the right door, or the door on the right?

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