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Ananya Malhotra

Fantasy Others Children


Ananya Malhotra

Fantasy Others Children

My Guiding Lights!

My Guiding Lights!

2 mins 220 2 mins 220

Scoldings at school were a regular sight,

But that was done just to make our future bright.

Getting praised was like a far fetched dream,

And how we expected to get an ice-cream!

School and college life had so lively days,

But growing up, most of our friends part their ways.

What remains behind is teacher's love,

Beautiful and pure, just like the heaven above!

A teacher is the one who educates us,

Without her, our life would have been a complete muss.

This poem is composed by the brain of mine,

But the true investment was my teacher's time.

I know how to write A,B,C till Z..

But the learning path, my teacher taught me to tread.

Without her, we would have been so dull,

Would have been ploughing some field with a farmer's hull!!

I write, but i was 'taught' how to hold my pen.

I speak but i was 'taught' how to read hen, ben, den.

I read but i was 'taught' how to learn..

And because of my teachers, what appraisal do i earn!

A teacher hold our hand and teaches us to write,

So we shouldn't forget her when we become the spotlight!

Such great teachers do not just teach and go,

But their love & kindness they never forget to show.

So i am gracious to my teachers,today and forever,

For their constant support that'll end never..

For being my constant guiding light,

During the time i reached from a few inches, to 6 foot height!

And for never letting their pupils be alone,

I thank them for the courage they have always shown.

They'll never remain from us, apart.

Because they are connected with the core of our heart!

I love my teachers to the moon and back,

And my respect for them will never grow slack.

Today is the day, when we should just pay.

For what our teachers have done, and have lots of fun !!


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