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Gopika Madhu

Abstract Classics Fantasy


Gopika Madhu

Abstract Classics Fantasy

To Know The Mother

To Know The Mother

2 mins

Everyone is looking for a mam

Why can't everyone see their mother

In many names, colors, expressions,

Dear mam, you are everywhere

When you open it with some affection

Elsewhere, prosperity abounds.

When some are filled with power,

In some places, it spreads like the music of happiness...

Sometimes it becomes an ocean of knowledge.

Something it will be a symbol of peace and humanity.

Occasionally there will be destructive violence by divine power. any name or appearance.

Mom is always in love with us...

Every grass is the nectar of love.

Mom is ubiquity us.

Earth is the Goddess...


Many do not know..

Many do not understand.

Or not working...

For some, devotion is hypocrisy.

Look with a full mind and pure knowledge

You can see the mother in front of you.

Real-world mother...

Our mother...

Hey man...

It is the mother who created you if you are hypocritical,

If you make a mistake,

This mom can forgive too

Mom can...

That is a mother.

God's elements of indefinable need to go to temples...

See for yourself...

Close new guises

Of power,

Of affection,

Mother of wealth

The mother who gave birth to you...

Mother of the world.

It is in this mother that you find lust,

You are destroying the same mother,

You attack the same mother every day, 

When that mother's hands were cut off and earned,

Do you know son, the cry of mother nature?

What can the mother do but cry when she is in pain.

When the poison is mixed in the mother's blood,

It is not the blood of the son that you get as breast milk.

The mother is not just the body.

The power is 

Is natural

This world is in your mother's lap

Get to know that mother,

Sleep on that mother's lap.

There is no other God's song like the,

 The rhythm of that chest,

There is no other love song...


The mother who is the embodiment of the 

Love of the new look....!

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