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Gopika Madhu



Gopika Madhu


With Begging

With Begging

2 mins

Parents worry about how they will be raised after birth..

When children walk on their own, it is their self-sacrifice..

That's when you start dreaming with every step..

Parents will enjoy blinking and smiling as if it were a magical world...

One day they will touch the letter on their tongue..

Hope you enjoy the extension.

They give what they want..

The dream must be fulfilled.. 

Everything you dream of will come true..

When one cries, one cries too...

When he is sick, he does not sleep..

After a while,, the seasons will take them to another world..

Changes begin there..

Their body and mind will reach another world..

Strange time when the mind does not speak the body or the body speaks the brain..


But there is a pain..

What a miserable sight for children to hold on to..

Where is the time for this teen when the gray hair stands are waiting in anticipation.

May the children have their own desires and dreams on their own..


Why are you happy you hurt those who gave birth..

But parents do not pay attention to it,,

That just want their children to look good anywhere..

That is the birthright. We got back what we did..

If you love, you will get it back..

If accepted, it will be returned..

Who do you love without loving and,

Respecting those who gave birth to you...

One day you will be a mother too..

You will be a father too..

What you give back today, you got back then..

Nothing more,,

Even a loving look is enough..

Even an early meal is enough to give it lovingly..

Didn't you hold hands once..

Didn't you see your mother worried about her sore legs now?

Why don't you see it now..

If you do not see your mother now,

Your children's eyes will go blind in the future..

No warning..! Just a request..

Open your eyes and see...

It is not enough to see you alone..

If you have that mind now, your birth will be holy..


Your mother will have to see your destruction.

I can also pray to change your mind..

You are not the only one to change the whole darkness of this world..

Let the recognition be longer though..

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