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Nabeel Ahmad

Drama Fantasy Inspirational


Nabeel Ahmad

Drama Fantasy Inspirational

Even The Alphabets End With 'Z'

Even The Alphabets End With 'Z'

2 mins 448 2 mins 448

Sun was gone, the moonlight was on

While placing a glass of wine on the table,

My ears heard 'TingTong.'

O Lord! ! My door was knocked?

I stood up to open it; as I was sitting for 'so long'.

A gentleman was standing on the doorstep,

With small hairs on the head;

And a grace on the face, his lips uttered-

'Sir, will you come with me for a walk? '

I asked him- do we know each other?

He said- your fate was destined to meet me here.

'Where do you live? ' was my next question...

'I am your neighbor, ' he replied, 'you need not fear.'

'Join me for a drink, ' I asked. 'Don't simply stand outside.'

'No sir, ' was all he said, 'I won't drink tonight.

I came here so that we can go for a walk.

We will also indulge ourselves in some talk.'

I wore my shoes, put on my track,

Turned off the lights and locked my flat.

'Which path should we choose?

So that we do not lose...'

'The path taken by the majority'-he told.

'Walking on the roads between the hillfolds.

I know that it's too far,

But don't worry, you will feel the comfort of a car!'

'Tell me something about you.

What's your job & what do you do? '

'Well, ' he said, 'I am habitual of addressing old and young ones,

All the animals, birds, insects, and even humans! '

Oh my God! That's a strange job...

I thought that work was all about oscillating a pendulum bob.

'So how many places to date have you been? '

He said there's no place left on the globe.'

'Do you have children? What about your wife? '

'No sir, ' he replied, 'I don't believe in any love and life.'

'why? What happened? ' I asked in a manner of surprize.

He began-

The dusk is gone, the dawn will arise.

This moonlight will get over, the sun will again rise.

This is life, sir. This is all about life.

Trust no future, no dream howsoever pleasant.

Please, sir, I request-believe in the present.

Let the dead past bury its dead,

Heart within and the Almighty on the head.

The hair is black and the blood is red.

We sleep on a bed and are spoonfed.

But why the hell we forget,

There's an Almighty- The supreme head.

Sir, u know, even the alphabets end with 'Z'.

My name is Death, sir, my name is Death.

This is why I don't possess any wife.

That's the reason, I don't believe in any love, and life...

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