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Nabeel Ahmad

Inspirational Others Children


Nabeel Ahmad

Inspirational Others Children

Chip Chick Chin Chont...

Chip Chick Chin Chont...

1 min

In the melodious chirping of birds, 

I heard a music- O Lord! 

They wanted to show me a wonderful gift, 

Which I never possessed in my thoughts!

I asked them-

What did they want? 

They told- Chip Chick Chin Chont. 

Understanding their language was beyond my thoughts, 

Yes, you are right,

I am only a stupid creature- Why God? 

I was sitting in my balcony, 

Observing every trespasser. 

When I tried to unlock my phone, 

Again I heard- Chip Chick Chin Chont. 

It was a surprise for me, 

I wondered- What it actually meant? 

All my vocabulary, all my grammer actually failed. 

I felt:

'No knowledge in this world actually prevail'

As I was observing the newspaper's fonts, 

I heard-Chip Chick Chin Chont. 

I closed my door and went to the park, 

Seeing nature's beauty,

My mouth opened half;

"Playing of squirrels, 

Digging by earthworms, 

Barking of dogs"

And melodious voice of wind was all I could feel. 

I sat there and heard again-

Chip Chick Chin Chont. 

But now I knew what they wanted to say.

Have courage and say what you wanna say, 

Some understand, some don't, 

Understanding emotions is not their way. 

Tell them- 

The real happiness is found in a feeling!

A feeling which no one tends to understand.

Learn like an animal,

Apply like a human,

Something bothers you?

Smile; move on;

And utter- Chip Chick Chin Chont….

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