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Lakshay Kumar

Drama Inspirational


Lakshay Kumar

Drama Inspirational

Expiry Date

Expiry Date

1 min 765 1 min 765

As I look inside the mirror

At my fading youth,

It flashes me a token,

For the old age queue.

Right before I smash it,

Calm down it says to me.

With grey hair comes wisdom.

With wrinkles - maturity.

The steaming cup of coffee, 

Shows up at 7'o clock,

Right after mom

Comes back from her walk.

Coincidence you tell me

Routine I declare to you.

My mother brings me coffee,

Without me asking her to.

She's but a mortal though,

Here for just a while.

And shall leave me sooner,

Than when I would like.

But right before I wash,

That coffee down my throat,

The cup too comes to life 

And enlightens me some more.

"It's true that people leave," it says,

Death is a part of life.

But peace succeeds pain.

So hey calm down and smile.

So what if we all suffer,

In the hands of a common fate.

So what if the universe came,

With an expiry date.

A ray of hope does shine,

Through the crevices of this den.

End and exit coincide.

Every now and then.

Behind every packet thus

One can be, sure as hell

To find above the Expiry,

A manufactury date as well 

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