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Jacqueline Dsouza



Jacqueline Dsouza


Each For Equals

Each For Equals

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Is she created to be a mere woman?

To be someone else’s better half and to procreate,

Is that all that’s there to her,

Or is it the only thing the society sees.

A girl wants to do everything a boy can do,

A girl has a life but what is she supposed to do,

Cook and wash and clean and give pleasure,

And save herself like she is some treasure.

She completes her so-called cycle of a daughter, sister, wife, and mother,

A new life she gives to the world and she waives off her debt,

The debt which she owes to the so-called society,

and pays it off with her death.

Nobody gives her her due respect,

All they do is just reject,

If rightfully she deserves to live,

All she’s expected of is to give, give and give.

Despite battling all the odds reaching her goals,

She remembers her strengths,

So that now she no longer accepts defeat,

To go back inside her shell to retreat.

She just asks to be treated as an equal,

No reason for all not to believe it,

No meaning in shunning down a woman's ability,

Undermining her value and her capability.

She should decide how she should be treated,

Not as someone meager, but someone significant,

Not to be trampled upon like she is inefficient,

When God himself has created, all as equal.

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