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Cigarette is like life,

You know its burning all the time, but you still enjoy.

Bad memories are like the ashes,

So never forget to tap,

Puffs are like peoples

You drag them into your life and they leave you torn apart,

The filter is like the mind,

Perfect shaped, pure and white,

Innocent when you were in her womb.

Fire of experience makes it dirty and rotten yellow

And your childishness turns into smoke

Cigarette is like love.

Every time you think you can’t live without it,

Every day it kills you but you still go after it.

Her words are like puffs,

Sometimes you get hurt,

But you feel pleasure in pain.

Fire of rejection burns your feelings into ash,

But it’s the ash you don’t wanna tap

You keep it carefully while the heart becomes an ashtray.

One day wind of time comes and takes it away,

But the memory is left like a filter which doesn’t go away.

Cigarette is like depression,

The fire of hate burns your soul

But the ashes are too black now.

Smokes of stress

Leave you senseless, keep wounds fresh, blur your vision,

Numb all pain, silence your voice, steal your passion.

Slowly happiness turns into ash and

Suddenly gets lost like never existed ever.

At last lonely life left like a filter soaked with despair

Then you throw it away pretending it has ended

But it still exists like a dead body still breathing for some reason

Life is like a cigarette,

Passed times are ashes now, everything is burning and it will fade away like the smoke

Only the filter will remain like the people who never give up on you.

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