Ideal Of You

Ideal Of You

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Oh! How beautiful that moment was,

When flowers of love bloomed in my deserted heart!

Oh! How sweet your word was,

Made me believe so beautiful thou art.

Dived into the ocean of love, never thought about its depth,

But soon realized that drowning is now the only option left.

I loved you passionately but loved the ideal of you,

Who was totally perfect, goddess Aphrodite in my view.

Dreamed a lot, dreamed about spending my whole life with you,

Dreamed about crossing miles after miles with you,

Dreamed about getting wet in rain with you,

Always dreamed about just waking up next to you.

Now I just smoke think about you dusk till dawn,

Live in a poetic world where I am John Keats and you are my Fanny Brawne.

So fly away, enjoy your life, and focus on your career,

This nest will become empty again and will remain empty forever.

No one can love you more than me,

Because true lovers are here a few.

Farewell, my love,

Because I’m happy with the ideal of you.

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