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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Anjali Singh

Romance Tragedy


Anjali Singh

Romance Tragedy

The Lovely Couple

The Lovely Couple

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Somewhere in the middle of lonely woods,

There stood a beautiful glass cottage,

A cottage surrounded by trees,

But it's beauty was what made it a breath taking piece.

In that flawless cottage,

Lived a lovely couple,

You could see the man waking up with his gorgeous lady,

They shared a morning kiss,

And started with their lives.

They loved each other like anything,

They had their lunch

And the evening called for

Some tea and snacks.

He would give her back hugs

And kiss her neck,

Showering her with love,

Until the night comes.

They walked to the terrace,

Hand in hand,

He stood near the railing,

Looking at the sky.

He looked up once again,

With love in his heart

And tears in his eyes,

He said,'I wish I kissed you that night'.

That's when the love of his life faded in thin air,

But he could feel the air kissing his cheeks.

His pretty wife died four years ago,

The car accident which took her life and his reason to live.

It's been four years,

And he could still feel her presence.

He could imagine her in his cottage,

He could imagine them together, spending days and nights.

He never moved on from that incident,

Decided on living in that cottage forever,

Because all he was left with, was memories

Memories of them loving each other in that cottage.

One died,

But the other was destined to live,

But something which could never die was,

Their love!!!

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