Vikram Bourne

Inspirational Tragedy


Vikram Bourne

Inspirational Tragedy



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Found her in the most safest place,

Inside a mother's womb.

Consumed her mother and turned her into ashes,

But was fascinated by her.

Nurtured her as an act of forgiveness,

From being a ruthless killer,

I turned into a silent dweller,

Watching over her.

Grew up with her.

Her smiles were lively,

And her life was an adventurous one.

Enjoyed every moment with her.

At the same time, slowly consumed her,

My existence turned into a threat;

Even tried to kill me off,

It turned out even worse for her.

But as time flew she accepted me as a friend,

She shared her dreams and desires,

I stood deaf and pretended I was not there,

Knowing that it's her end.

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