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Rashi Rai



Rashi Rai




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Believe me, if I were a superhero I ripped those bastards into million pieces

Those who molest, raped and kills girl - girl child.

What a great society is this anyone can easily do rape

But no one can kill in reverse.

Inhuman nature cannot be tolerated

Most of the time I killed many people by my thoughts

They deserve the worse.

You have a life and you live only to get kicked

Kicked by a girl

You deserve to be kicked by death

And deserve a hell painful life.

How I can say something about innocence and care

Where every time I only hear about money and girls are only for pleasure.

We really need a superhero in ourselves

As when the human ghost will attack we can't determine

Then only our self-power can save us.

The drunkards, the gutter mind can not understand anything related to life

They the blunder mistake of society will only do bullshits

They came in which form we can't imagine.

I don't know what kind of law is this

Where soul of a person dies

Not a single drop

Not a single percentage of humanity arise.

I can't wait that again something bad happens

I will become a superhero whose action only shows

But no one can see who is that person.

Awake! awake! awake!

Awaken your inner superheroes!

Next time if you don't wanna late!

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