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Rashi Rai



Rashi Rai


From a Night To Another Morning

From a Night To Another Morning

3 mins 163 3 mins 163

In a dark night, some buildings light

From that night to this morning

Birds sounds and chirping

I like this peace of sound

I love this the whole natural surrounding

Anywhere if I get to feel this

I don't know what I became sometimes

Somehow when I talk or like these things

I would be giving time for self

It's boring for some beings

But for me it's important and it's life.

I'm a positive energy

I'm a happy atmosphere

I don't know why I talk less than

I can talk on each and everything

If it's laugh

Then it can be bluff

As well it can be just because when I'm making my choices to cherish

I found these things to be the best for being itself.

It's not to interact with friends and people

But it's about the understanding

If I need to explain each and everything then it's only the justification

It's not a conversation.

When u know u want an interaction then why how when what if but not so although

Just take a normal way and talk

Understand the situation and go with the flow.

Is it a mathematics

Or the logistics problem

That u need to do the homework

Each day r not the same then how u can judge or make a decision from a previous nature or talk.

Maybe I'm in a jolly mood today that anyone can like

But if M on my worst nature n I have to say that M angry is it satisfying

O! Coming! It just means nothing matters if M not feeling well

It always that I need to pretend that am well.

If someone likes my nuisance with my somehow intelligence that's the person r real for me.

When I needed to be understood n needed to talk I should get the person to talk at least

M not a money minder

M does not believe it's bad to think about it

But whatever my experiences r I don't believe it's everything.

It's needed for our wants to fulfill but it's not that much necessary that u became the person who only hears wear this thing.

Earn how much u need

But to get more n more

Sometimes do invalid stuff

Attack someone else

It's bad it's totally harming activity.

Noone z going to take with themselves

Future thinking z good preparation is also good but don't live totally for that

As this is present and all the things that r now r the things that should be on top priority.

I don't know maybe M not much friendly person

But it's not the truth it's always an understanding that makes a person-friendly not that person myself.

I have my opinion and anyone have their own

N don't why whenever I am hungry I write this kind of serious stuff that everyone knows but it can laugh as well but why not so to pour out.

What's the big deal in it? when u r not doing a thing to harm anyone? It just maybe u can't say the whole thing orally into a sentence? But u can provide the situational info here thoroughly???

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