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Rashi Rai



Rashi Rai


Slight change

Slight change

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Do not let any wavy air to change u

Be the change for urself.

Change is the rule of nature

Nothing is static

But its scheduled with the surroundings.

I could not understand sometimes

How to understand those who creates nuisance.

Those who only wants themselves to be above

And anyone like u desrving den also they can't do right a line below.

Sometimes when u only do ur task with passion and emotions for the completion

It's not enough for the recognition.

But in different time it's the only way to get the surveillance justification.

Don't wait someone will come and resolve urs problems always

In this world, each and every person having their own

Fight and fight for right

If mistakes done den solve to be bright.

Hight is urs reach the hight

Let be a person who can became an inspiration.

For those whose struggling with same

Learn, take stand at times and most importantly don't work for fame or gain.

See if u love what u r doing it's the most important pleasure

As the happiness u achieve, noone can measure.

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