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Rashi Rai



Rashi Rai


Thought Connected Mind Or heart

Thought Connected Mind Or heart

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Only if you seem so cool

You are not so cool actually.

Only if you are trying to achieve a valid target

You are right.

In world, we never work on our action

Sometimes we do not understand

How to measure

The pain we gave to someone else

By our deeds.

It's only understood when we got fallen

In a similar situation.

No not at all, never go to that situation but talk with your experience.

It's always better to know

Then to get to know.

It's not calculation subject my dear

It's life

N each and every day you survived.

So survive with the best thought

Not the thought you like

But that is right.

One day believe me only one day

Think something positive

When you start your day

Whatever happen last day

Yeah there impact will be lesser

But it does not matter

As its past

Do not make any wrong decision

On your previous feeling like hatred etc.

U can take your decision

With the current time

It's only in the mind

But you make your life

N it's only in your hand.

Somehow if you got wrong somewhere

Then get that experience

And from next moment think for next opportunity.

Recorrect resolve

Deal with situation

Most important talk to the person

You want in your life.

Whatever happens success- failure

You would be some people around you

If those are ur friends

Wellwisher then it always best

But you can not be with your buddy always

You can connect

Viaa internet

Express your insecurity

To those, you can help

Not you can use it.

Lots more.....

Only if....

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