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Sanoj Joseph

Abstract Drama Romance


Sanoj Joseph

Abstract Drama Romance



2 mins

Sitting on that bench that was at edge of the park,

Looking at the things surrounding,

We were basking in that evening sun,

Getting all that evening wind, a bit chilly,

The kind that takes away the blues of day,

How it played with her hair,

Jet black strands of wavy hair,

Falling onto her face,

Her constant struggles to keep those strands in check,

By tucking them behind her ear,

How the rays of the evening sun,

Falls onto her face, turning it a shade of gold,

It makes her glow,

Like an angel from heaven above,

If she wasn't the most beautiful person around,

You would never know who was,

The thing is, it wouldn't matter anyway.

She sat there, oblivious to these chain of thoughts,

Or so you thought,

That ran around freely in your head,

Every time you looked at her,

Reveling in the comfortable silence each other's presence offered,

A certain sense of belonging, it concluded.

So where do we go from here,

You ask her, breaking the silence,

She says, from here here, 

Pointing at this bench that we sat on,

Or from here, she turned to your side,

Pointing at your heart,

And looking deep into your eyes,

Acknowledging this space of us,

You knew at that point,

That she saw right through you,

How crazy you were for her,

And everything that went inside that head of yours.

She says, I guess we'll go back home,

And we'll make pathways to each other's minds,

On our way back,

Making it a place that we own,

Where we are in sync with the music we play,

And the tunes we dance to,

Where we won't be short of hands to hold on to,

When the world's on fire.

You looked at her, and saw her smiling,

You knew all you ever needed was right there,

Sitting right beside you,

That she was your world,

That the priorities you set weren't really wrong..

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