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Sanoj Joseph



Sanoj Joseph




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You were walking through those wayward paths,

When yesterdays came calling,

Everything still so fresh, the good and the bad,

The bad outweighing the good,

Maybe you just didn't know how to walk,

And you started running,

A fall was inevitable, don't you think,

You just never knew it'd be neck deep,

In this pit, 

It's a pity, this sight of you, 

Running circles inside this dark pit of misery,

Losing your vision, and so lost without answers, 

The one who always knew it all, 

Ah, it's a check mate, 

Maybe it's Life's way of saying,

Check yourself mate,

Or else you're bound to be a runaway freight train,

When you see all these thoughts consuming,

You know you're past that,

So you just stop caring,

You look around, 

Nothing really matters anymore,

You look up at the sky, it's blue and white,

And the Sun is shining so bright,

A beautiful day as any to get out of these plights,

So you start to climb out of this pit, to the heights,

Leaving behind all your frights,

Hoping this newfound sense of sight, might,

Give you the might, and be this shining light,

To go further on this path of realisation, that everything at the other end might be all right. 

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